This small system has been deployed in our bacteriological and mycological laboratories; it helps us working with patient, specimen, and customer data and reporting the results of our work. The pictures below show the graphical user interface, which is served by the Apache WWW server. Currently, an english version of the interface is not available; hopefully, you may gain some information by having a look at the pictures, still. The german word for "result" is "Befund", MIC is abbreviated as "MHK" in German.

Both laboratory workers and clinicians use the program via their WWW browsers (our preference is the Mozilla browser). Depending on their browser, the users may change the display mode to some extent (e.g., change the font size).

This software has been built upon a number of large Open Source Software Products (most notably Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache, PHP, LaTeX, dvips, GhostScript) and will be available under an OSS license (GPL) itself.

To see any of the following 40 small pictures at its original size, please move the pointer (mouse pointer) over it and click on the left mouse button. The "Back" button of your browser will lead back to the overview.

For reasons of privacy, some areas of the pictures have been blurred; an exception to this rule are those showing data on the ficticious patients "Test Test" and "Hans Test".

Comments or suggestions are always appreciated ...

Clinician's View: Introduction
Clinician's View: Search for single result
Clinician's View: Selection of patient record
Clinician's View: Selection of specimen(s)
Clinician's View: Display of results (if a report has been printed, it is available [link to PDF file])
Clinician's View: Results available for a ward - select hospital
Clinician's View: Results available for a ward - select ward
Clinician's View: Results for a ward - table of patients and their specimens
Specimen Data: Entry of patient data
Specimen Data: Selecton of a patient record
Specimen Data: Listing of former specimens, data entry
Specimen Data: Data entry (shorthands defined by users), specimens of same day are listed
Result Entry: Specimen ID entry
Result Entry: Part of result
Result Entry: Microscopy
Result Entry: Microscopy result saved
Result Entry: Another microscopy result
Result Entry: Another result saved
Result Entry: Culture
Result Entry: Culture data saved
Result Entry: Sensitivity result for S. pneumoniae
Result Entry: MIC for S. pneumoniae
Result Display: Search by patient name
Result Display: List of specimens for a patient, selection of specimens for which results are to be displayed
Result Display: Results for the specimen(s) selected
Result Display: Another result...
Printed Report
Hints regarding Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG)
Statistics: Tables
Statistics: Graphics
Incidences of MRSA
Legally Required Documentation: Selection of hospitals
Legally Required Documentation: S. aureus
Legally Required Documentation:E. faecalis, E. faecium
Legally Required Documentation: MRSA data; link to tables in PDF format
Legally Required Documentation: PDF format
Sensitivity and specificity of mircroscopy for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid amplification for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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